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Jak leczyć uzależnienie od komputera u dzieci?

How to treat computer addiction in children? Today, both children and adults are addicted to the Internet, computer and other electronic devices. However, it is the youngest Internet users who are most susceptible to the phenomena that they may encounter there. Very often, young people spend long hours glued to a computer screen. How can it be counteracted and what symptoms can be characteristic of this type of addiction?

The Internet, which allows communication with others via the network, has become a substitute for interpersonal contacts

Children and school youth who today use various types of electronic equipment, and with their help the Internet, spend many hours on this type of entertainment. Sometimes they have an important project or presentation to do, but in most cases, when the child sits down at the computer, it will not create spectacular scientific synopses. Using social media, playing various types of games with friends or watching videos on the web are pastimes that young people often spend all their free time after school. For many people, Internet connectivity has replaced interpersonal relationships in the real world, which is why we often see scenes from real life where a family staying in the same house sends messages to each other to communicate, instead of having a real conversation.

Maintaining the attention of Internet users, i.e. mechanisms that are designed to extend our use of the network

Also, the creators of entertainment platforms create mechanisms on the web that are designed to keep viewers’ attention and suggest more interesting materials that must be seen. Unfortunately, very often young people cannot cope with finding a balance, a golden border that would constitute moderation in the use of digital content. It often happens that life in the virtual world, as a created avatar, is much more interesting than in the real world, among people you don’t like, among the duties and problems of everyday life. Therefore, escaping into the world of digital media is an obvious form of relaxation for many people, which, if not controlled, can quickly turn into something much worse and addictive. It is therefore worth paying attention to the first symptomatic symptoms.

Symptoms that may signal that something is wrong with our child and he is starting to get addicted to using the computer

Very often this manifests itself in more aggression on the part of the child, mood swings, inability to deal with emotions in the real world, the inability to use electronic equipment makes the child furious. Sometimes it’s hard to find the cause of a child’s behavior because almost everyone spends time in front of a screen these days, so finding that line and finding that your child has crossed it and become highly addicted can sometimes be imperceptible from a parent’s perspective. However, it is worth taking the child to a psychologist for an interview, because a specialist who will look at the case of our child completely objectively will certainly be able to see many more elements than we think.

Psychotherapy tailored to the needs of the individual, i.e. the selection of treatment for a person addicted to the computer and the Internet

Addiction therapy will work well for children who have not yet become so addicted that it is necessary to isolate them in a center. Regular meetings with specialists and working out mechanisms in the child, providing him with tools thanks to which he will be able to resist addiction later in life. Therapy for addicts is adapted to the patient, his needs and psychological preferences. Also, an addictive object plays a very important role in building a therapy plan. An important element for an addict is to build the feeling that you really want to get out of the addiction and understand how much space in real life the addiction can destroy.

The system of connected vessels, i.e. the addiction of one person affects the family and loved ones

Not only our child is in addiction, but also family, friends and people involved. Therefore, building a desire to quit addiction and a sense of agency over your own life will allow you to take your first steps to get out of addiction. Unfortunately, many people end up where they are addiction treatment center from the Internet . It is a space that allows to isolate the individual from the stimulus that is addictive. Internet addiction therapy is a type of treatment that takes into account a modern approach to the topic of digital media. Thanks to this, specialists dealing with addictions on this very ground are still studying the impact of such a changing matter on individuals who become addicted. It is the psychotherapy center that brings together professionals who, with their knowledge and experience, help children and adults overcome addictions.

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