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Aranżujemy wnętrza domów z bali

When designing and constructing effective and ecological log houses, designers usually leave the issue of interior arrangement to the owners themselves. What is a man who is about to become the owner of a new wooden house to do if he does not know where to look for help in furnishing and decorating the interior of his new purchase? Thank God, there are quite a lot of interior design websites and blogs on the web, from which you can always draw inspiration to create your own unique space. This applies to both spatial arrangements inside the house and outside. After all, the area around the house should also be somehow developed so that it can be seen that we live there comfortably and pleasantly. A log cabin built on dry ground looks a bit like a flying fish. To take root in the natural landscape, you need to surround it with vegetation. Well, unless it is located in the very center of the forest, among tall trees, but that’s a completely different matter.

The garden around the log cabin

It will be a grateful, unforced place to relax and enjoy fresh air. And it doesn’t have to be big to be noticeable. What we want to grow in it is quite important. Flowers of all kinds will surely come in handy. We recommend creating garden flower beds with pansies, which give off a fabulous fragrance during the flowering period and sparkle with a whole riot of intense colors. You can also consider planting sunflowers in such a density that they partially cover our home windows. Thanks to this, in the kitchen or in the bathroom you will not have to wear envy. Flower beds in the gardens where log houses are located can be additionally outlined with large stones, which are plentiful in rural areas.

The fence is also important. Let’s make sure that the fence protecting our privacy is not only practical, but also discreet. You can opt for classic, wooden rungs, in a shade similar to the logs from which the house was built. In this way, design consistency will be maintained.

Living room in a log cabin

It must be warm and cosy. Walls made of wooden logs create a uniform and compact composition. Additional insulation will make the house a pleasant temperature even when we do not use the heating. Without what it is now difficult to imagine the interior of a living room in a cozy house? Of course, no fireplace! The offers of fireplaces in the network are very rich, so you can choose forms for narrow or wide buildings. They are made of the highest quality steel and can become a great element complementing the whole equipment of a wooden house orglued timber modular house.

Floors designed for log houses also require proper arrangement. It can be developed with the use of effective, hand-knotted carpets, maybe with Łowicz ornaments, maybe with highlanders, maybe with Kashubian ornaments? It all depends on which region in Poland we have the greatest sentiment for. In a heated room, it will be a pleasure to run barefoot, testing the softness of the carpet, or even tanned sheep or sheep fur.

Furniture in the living room in a log cabin

They should represent a high degree of workmanship, classic elegance. The most important piece of furniture that a living room should have is a table. The wider and more massive, the better. Wooden carved tables will perfectly fit into the natural, honey-colored space created from fragments of wood of various species. Tables should also be accompanied by comfortable chairs, they can be padded with elegant material, mounted on equally massive wooden structures with rich decorative elements.Houses made of bsh glued timberthey even love all types of equipment and decorative elements in their spaces, remembering the old times in which our parents, grandparents or great-grandparents lived. If you have sets of such souvenirs, do not hesitate to arrange them in your home space. A restored, old clock, an old sewing machine, souvenir dishes – with the help of all these elements, you have a chance to create a truly unique space!

Log houses with terraces

If log houses have terraces, this can be considered a very beneficial bonus, especially useful in the summer, warm months, when guests can rest most comfortably not inside, but outside. The floors on the terraces of log houses can also be wooden, but this is not a condition for the decor to be considered fully valuable. A very interesting solution is the use of sandstone or even marble in the terrace floor. Thanks to this, the monopoly of wood in the arrangement of the external space around the house will be broken. Stone parquet is also less exploited and damaged, which is worth bearing in mind if you want to enjoy its gloss and well-groomed structure for a long time. Terraces next to log houses can function with the numerous presence of cultivated plants, housed in decorative, massive, porcelain pots. Greenery introduced to the terrace by the log house always invigorates the entire landscape. Nothing should stop the ivy branches from consistently climbing up the building’s exterior. Then you can see that the farm simply blooms with life!

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