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The RTV store is extremely popular due to the wide range of items that we can find there. Their sizes are usually huge, and the amount of available electronics is impressive. It often happens that when choosing a new computer, we also buy a tablet and a phone, because some promotions are very tempting. What electronic devices can we buy in the RTV store? What should you pay attention to when buying them? This article answers these and many other questions.

Computers and laptops.

There is no denying that laptops and computers are the most frequently purchased consumer electronics items. Despite their price, they are very functional and useful when performing many everyday activities. Thanks to them, we can watch movies, listen to music, play games, browse the web, chat with friends, and even pay bills or shop online. However, in this case it is important to choose a model with efficient components. For a computer to function properly, all components must be functional. In the average central unit we will find a processor, graphics card, motherboard, hard drive, RAM, power supply, sound card and network card. It is to these elements that we should pay special attention. However, how exactly can which of the two models is better suited to perform the tasks assigned to it? The RTV store offers such a wide range that it is hard to make rational decisions. For this purpose, it is worth comparing the exact specification. For example, at the beginning we consider the processor. The parameters that we are interested in in this case are the processor architecture (32 bits or 64 bits), the number of cores, and the clock frequency. Without going into too much detail, the larger the numbers, the better the component. For example, six-core processors are the standard these days. When it comes to the clock speed of the processor, it is its speed. In a situation where we are dealing with a CPU clocked at 2.2-2.6 GHz, this means that the processor is able to execute 2.2-2.6 billion commands per second, which seems to be something unbelievable.

The hard drive is also important. Thanks to it, it is possible to write and read data. We will find it not only in computers, but also in recorders and consoles. As a rule, we distinguish an SSD or HDD hard drive. The former is distinguished primarily by its fast speed, unfortunately it is much more expensive and has relatively fewer available resources. In the case of an HDD, we are dealing with a huge amount of free space, unfortunately, the speed of writing and reading data often leaves much to be desired. However, it should be mentioned about the much lower price of this component. In this way, by comparing the individual components of a given device, we are able to make the right decision regarding the purchase of a new computer. The RTV store also allows you to purchase an external, additional disk.

Touch phones

Who among us today does not have a touchscreen phone? Probably only older people, as well as those who cannot cope with complex technological solutions. This type of device is no longer just for calling and texting. It is now a great form of entertainment. The electronics store offers a wide range of these products, so you should know what to pay special attention to when buying them. Parameters similar to those in computers are important. Processor, available internal memory, RAM, operating system. Models should be compared with each other to finally make a decision that will be supported by appropriate considerations, based on the conclusions drawn. The price may also be a helpful determinant, however, in copies in a similar price range.


It would be hard to find an apartment without at least one TV set. They are relatively cheap devices and can be a great form of entertainment. In the event that we are interested in buying a new device, its size and screen resolution are the most important. The size of the potential room as well as individual preferences should be taken into account. It is also worth considering what budget we have, as well as what additional technologies we would like to have. We have a choice of, for example, 3D, Ambilight and Smart TV.

Game console

Game consoles are becoming more and more popular. Its choice is not the easiest, however, a lot of knowledge about this equipment is not required. Each console has both strengths and weaknesses. To save game states, a hard drive with a capacity of up to 20 gigabytes is definitely enough, but in order to store multimedia, it is worth considering a larger size. The ability to connect the console to the Internet is also important, as most games allow you to play over the network, thanks to which the console will not get bored in a short time. For the most demanding users, a wireless pad may be necessary.

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