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Co to znaczy delikatesy online?

Delicatessen is a word that we associate with trade. But what does it mean? It turns out that the food delicatessen in Poznań is the source of this story. Why? The word comes from French and has to do with something luxurious and exquisite. Its original meaning refers to delicacies, which can be called expensive and luxurious foodstuffs. However, the importance of the store has changed over the years. Contemporary delicatessens in Poznań  are shops located on the corner of a street, which offer a wide range of products: from groceries through small household chemicals. What is the story behind the delicatessen? What did they once mean? Why is Poznań considered the city where it all began?

Is the deli a luxury imported from the colonies?

The Middle Ages undoubtedly became a symbol of trade. Its golden times also came in colonial times. Imported Ceylon teas and Asian spices conquered new markets. As a result, 19th-century England, then the richest country in the world, became a mecca for restaurants and cafes. All thanks to the specialties imported directly from the colony. Department stores mainly offered citrus fruits and boxes with stuffed chocolates. Anyone who could afford such luxurious products gained in the eyes of other citizens. Unusual, expensive goods were a symbol of wealth and social status. A well-laid table could even help win the hand of a potential wife.

Did the PRL mean the twilight of delicatessen grocery stores?

The time of the Polish People’s Republic contributed to the slow decline of the sale of luxury sweets in Poznań and the whole idea of ​​delicatessen. Grocery stores supplied by state farms and agricultural produce collection points significantly reduced their assortment. Imports of exotic fruits and spices decreased. The number of foreign exchange in the country has also decreased. The revival of the delicatessen trade continued for many years. It was only in the second decade of the 21st century that the sale of luxury items revived, e.g. in the form of an online store with sweets.

What does the delicatessen look like today?

Today’s trade requires a completely different approach. Getting the customer’s attention requires completely different means. However, this does not change the fact that the delicatessen is back. Although this was undoubtedly hindered by the financial crisis in 2008, today exclusive gastronomy is starting to operate again. This is facilitated by the fashion for local flavors and original products. In addition, the European Union secures the rights of regional food producers. The next installment of the contemporary delicatessen is the small local grocery stores discussed in the introduction, especially those offering vegetables in Poznań. Their next installment is the sale of fruit in an online store. Unfortunately, they have little in common with the old delicatessen, which was synonymous with luxury.

Internet delicatessen – is it profitable?

Many people wonder if online sales make sense at all. Is this solution financially viable? Some customers give up this shopping option, fearing high delivery costs and prices. Are such fears justified? It turns out that shopping in the online store They can even be cheaper than in a stationary store. Why? Several factors affect the price. First, the cost of renting the premises. If we run a stationary store, then the fixed costs of renting the premises and the costs of its maintenance (e.g. bills) should be included. If you decide to run an online store, you can opt out of such premises. The most important thing is a place to store products. However, it does not have to be as representative as in the case of a sales hall. As a result, prices are falling. Instead of a saleswoman who serves customers in a stationary store, an employee is needed who reads customer orders, then prepares them and sends or delivers them. Depending on the size of the store, as well as the available assortment, the company will need a different number of employees. The question then arises, is an online store a profitable business. However, it is difficult to give a clear answer. For an entrepreneur who buys groceries, he can get lower prices and free delivery. As a customer, you should consider this situation in terms of purchase volume. Larger purchases can certainly be profitable, but for the purchase of bread or pasta, it is better to go to a nearby store. To sum up, the history of the delicatessen is an important part of the history of Polish trade. Their greatest development dates back to the period of partitions and the interwar period. However, their fall occurred with the beginning of the PRL era. After intensive development in the 90s, they lost with the onset of the financial crisis in 2008. Later, they revived again and started earning for themselves. Technological development came to the rescue, which allowed to introduce online sales to the offer. Experts point out that the industry is still developing. Therefore, it can be reborn in a completely new version.

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