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5 qualities to look for in a lawyer Like it or not, in our lives we often have to stand in court – whether in a trivial case like an overdue will or mandate, or in something serious, closely related to criminal law. Regardless of the reason we find ourselves in the courtroom, we should ensure proper representation, and although we can defend ourselves, it is not always a good, recommended and simply reasonable solution.

That’s why we have access to lawyers – specialists in their field, masters of discussion and people who simply know their stuff. How to choose the one who will bring the matter to an end in our way? What should it have? We invite you to read our article.

What qualities should a good lawyer have?

It is very difficult to define the figure of an ideal lawyer. All because this profession abounds in various personalities, and fame within it has already managed to gain a lot of unconventional figures, to whom it is difficult to assign features worthy of imitation. After all, there are some vices that every lawyer should have. Belong to them:

  1. Experience – a good lawyer is one who has a lot of won and lost cases (he learns from each of them). The internship does not matter here, but the actual work with clients, and although a lawyer starts his profession with cases of low importance, they also allow him to acquire familiarity with the courtroom and the rules prevailing there.
  2. Loyalty – the lawyer must be devoted to our case, representing us loyally until the end – regardless of what facts emerged during it and what arguments the other side of the dispute uses. Its task is to fully protect our interest – it is unacceptable that the information provided to it is disclosed to third parties . Especially since it is protected by professional secrecy, regulated by law.
  3. Ease of use – the lawyer is the person with whom we set the line of our defense (or attack, depending on the case). It would be good if it took place in a positive atmosphere, with mutual understanding. Therefore, he should demonstrate above-average listening skills and draw accurate conclusions from what we tell him. We are able to give him a lot of information, but it is up to him to pick out the ones that we can use to our advantage and in such a way that the whole thing ends up in our favor.
  4. Good contacts – a good lawyer knows many people and can use his contacts to his advantage (for example, to obtain information closely related to our case). Contacts are developed over the years of work in the profession – so it is an aspect related to the experience that we have indicated as the most important in a good lawyer.
  5. Full professionalism – it is unacceptable for a lawyer to combine his work with his private life. He should also not be emotional – always coldly analyzing the facts, he must not let himself be disturbed. He has to deal with the most difficult situations, even if everything is directed against him (actually against us).

Where to find good lawyers?

The legal environment seems to be very closed, and the number of law firms we can practically count on the fingers of one hand. At least it would seem so. The reality, however, is quite different, and a lawyer is not a person who is so terribly difficult to find. You just need to know where to look. The basic place, and for us simply the starting point, should be the Internet . Every year there are more and more lawyers on the market, and nowadays online presence is essential.

The Internet is also unique in that it allows you to easily verify not only the experience, but also all the previous successes and failures of each subsequent lawyer. You can also easily choose one whose specialization coincides with your specific case.However, the Internet is not an ideal option. The perfect one would be acquisition lawyer by recommendation – for example, when someone from our family or friends once reached for the services of such a person. However, as it is not always the case that we know someone like that, we can make an initial selection via the aforementioned Internet, and the final one – live, during a direct conversation. Let us remember that a good lawyer is appreciated – if we choose a cheaper option, we must take into account everything that goes hand in hand with it (with this lesser experience).


It is best to deal with the Polish law, which is very complicated and often difficult to understand and predict, with the assistance of a professional. Especially if we are involved in a serious matter on which we can gain or lose a lot. So let’s choose a lawyer who will not only represent us with dignity, but will also make a thorough analysis of our case and use all the information obtained to bring it to an end on favorable terms. There is no point in making compromises – you need to reach for someone whom we will simply be sure of.

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