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Biuro rachunkowe Łódź

Accounting office Łódź: there are currently many accounting offices on the market. Theoretically, due to high competition, entrepreneurs have a much wider choice, but in practice establishing cooperation with the right accounting office is not easy. What should a good accounting firm have in its offer?

Comprehensive accounting services

The basic task of the accounting office is to conductaccountingcustomers. Some may keep simplified accounting, which is certainly a cheaper and easier solution. Simplified accounting is mainly used to calculate income tax and VAT. Nevertheless, many accounting offices do not offer it, because they deal with accounting for much larger companies.A good accounting office from Lodz should offer bookkeepingboth simplified and full. Usually, novice entrepreneurs decide on simplified accounting, but they are not able to predict the moment when they will have to switch to full books. This often happens after several years of running a business, due to exceeding the annual revenue limit. An accounting office should offer comprehensive accounting services, and additionally also accounting consultancy. Entrepreneurs are often familiar with tax regulations, but they do not have much knowledge about the provisions of the balance sheet law.

Tax consultancy

Accounting is inextricably linked to taxes. Every entrepreneur has to settle income tax with the tax office, some also with VAT. Monthly settlements are usually handled by accountants, who also prepare tax returns. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs are also obliged to pay other types of taxes, such as, for example, real estate taxes or civil law transactions. Tax issues are a nightmare for many people running a business. No wonder, because the tax law in our country is extremely complicated, and what is more, the legislator very often introduces changes or corrections to it. Entrepreneurs who have any doubts or questions regarding tax matters usually report them to their accountants. However, they should be aware that bookkeepers are not authorized to provide tax advice. This can only be done by persons who are licensed tax advisors. A good accounting office in Łódź offers not only bookkeeping, but also professional tax advice. Thanks to this, entrepreneurs can count on the help of specialists in every situation. There is no need to complete accounting documentation when we go to a tax advisor. All documents are in place, and the advisor can read them before the scheduled meeting. Entrepreneurs should be aware that only advice obtained from a tax advisor is really valuable. Accountants, as a rule, cannot provide them.

HR, payroll, finance

Running a business is not only about accounting and taxes. Many entrepreneurs additionally employ employees to whom they must pay a salary every month. What’s more, they are obliged to pay ZUS contributions for them, as well as to complete formal issues related to the conclusion of an employment contract. All HR and payroll matters can be entrusted by the employer to the accounting office in Łódź. It is important that one entity keeps both accounting, HR and payroll. Contrary to appearances, these two areas are inextricably linked, which is why it is good to concentrate these services in one place. Entrepreneurs who initially do not employ employees should also establish cooperation with an accounting office that also conducts human resources and payroll. All because you never know when will we need to hire the first employee. In addition, the accounting office from Łódź offers comprehensive financial assistance, which is necessary for all entrepreneurs. This is primarily about financial advice that will help you make well-considered decisions. This applies even to novice entrepreneurs who are looking for sources of financing. An experienced accountant should be able to advise, for example, on choosing the right subsidy to start a business. Importantly, the accountant running the company should also initially assess the possibility of obtaining further sources of financing. Leasing, factoring companies and banks have their own guidelines regarding the assessment of specific clients, however, the accountant should be able to advise on the choice of further sources of financing. Many entrepreneurs make financial decisions on their own, but the advice of an experienced accountant can be extremely valuable. Importantly, in order to be able to advise clients on financial matters, you do not need to have any additional qualifications, unlike tax advice. Let’s choose an office for cooperation that will comprehensively take care not only of accounting, but also of the entrepreneur’s finances.

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