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When we build a garage, of course, we want it to be as functional as possible. Very often we focus on making it as large as possible, but on the other hand, to take up as little space as possible on our property. When it comes to the functionality of the garage, we very rarely immediately think about what kind of garage door we will install. However, it can have a decisive impact on how the garage will be used. Choosing the right garage doorhttp it can also affect the design of the garage, including its height.

What kind of garage doors do we have on the market?

When it comes to garage doors, there are several basic types on the market. Of course, they differ in price, as well as whether they will be easier or worse to use. But let’s get to the specifics. On the market, we distinguish:
– garage doors: swing (single and double-leaf),
– single section garage doors;
– multi-segment garage doors (rolling and hidden under the ceiling).

Single and double-leaf garage doors

Single- and double-leaf garage doors have two advantages. The first is price, the second is ease of use. Unfortunately, single- and double-leaf gates also have disadvantages. The most important of them is that in the driveway we must always have free space to open such a gate. The second disadvantage associated with swing gates is that in winter, if we have more snow, we will have to remove the snow before opening the gate. Which is very troublesome.

Single section garage doors

Currently, single section garage doors are the most common type of garage door. They combine the advantages of more advanced systems with the ease of use of swing gates. A single-segment garage door has one section that constitutes the entire door. It is hidden under the roof. The downside of this solution is certainly the need to have free space under the roof, so we can’t hide anything there. The fact that the larger gates are quite heavy and may be difficult for elderly or women to open and close is another downside. There is still a slightly problematic issue with mounting the drive to them, if we would like to carry out such a modification.

Sectional garage doors

Garage Doors multi-segment, as the name says, gates consisting of many segments. Most often, the segment has a width of 20 to 35 cm. Such a gate is hidden either under the roof or is rolled over the entrance. In the first case, the downside of this gate is the same fact that occurs in the case of a single sectional gate, i.e. hiding it under the ceiling. Therefore, we need to find additional space for the things we wanted to hide there. In the case of a rolling gate, the situation is a bit simpler. First of all, we can mount it both inside and outside. Secondly, it takes up much less space. In the case of a rolling gate, the downside is the need to install a drive, although purely theoretically, we can use such a gate without a drive. However, manual rolling of a rolling sectional door is very heavy.

Is it worth installing a drive in the gates?

The garage door drive is certainly always convenient. Especially because we can have such a drive started, for example, with a remote control. Then, when approaching the garage in the evening or in winter, we do not have to leave the car to open the gate, only by pressing one button, we can enter the garage. The same is, of course, with closing such a gate. This is convenient especially for heavy gates or gates that are more difficult to operate manually. These include mainly multi-segment rolling doors.

What is the cost of installing the drive?

Each garage door can have a drive, but installing the drive to a specific door may vary in cost. First of all, we must pay attention to the weight of the gate itself. The heavier the gate, the more powerful the drive, i.e. the larger the motor and the higher the price of such a drive. Another issue is the technical implementation, because this is related to the technical solution of the drive transmission. Certainly, drives for simpler gates, i.e. swing gates, for example, will be cheaper than installing a drive for a multi-section roll-up gate. The relationship here is quite simple. The greater the functionality and complexity of the system, the greater the price.

Whether we want to have a gate with a drive or without it is best to decide at the time of designing the garage. As mentioned earlier, especially in the case of multi-segment roll-up garage doors, if we want the door to hide in the garage, we should think that the garage should be slightly higher. A rolled up gate will take up quite a lot of space. In some garages that have already been built, it may not be possible to install an internal roll-up door. Of course, we still have the option of mounting the gate outside. However, we do not always want such a solution to be used. This is mainly due to the fact that the electric parts of the door will be more exposed to harmful weather conditions.

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