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Ile kosztuje ochroniarz?

There is no denying that there is no shortage of offers on the job market these days. Protection of property or one’s own life is a priority issue for many, which is probably why we can see so many ads on the web related to the search for a bodyguard. Who is a bodyguard and what does he do? How to become a bodyguard? What requirements should we meet to become a good bodyguard? How to choose a security company? How much can a security guard cost us? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

Bodyguard – who is it and what does it do?

First of all, we should think about what exactly the profession of a security guard is, what he does on a daily basis and what duties he has to deal with. At the outset, it is worth noting that the term “bodyguard” is quite broad. In practice, by calling someone this way, we can define a person with different qualifications. It is worth dividing the bodyguards into two groups. In the first one we will find employees who do not have any special preparation for this profession. The second one has a specially trained staff that professionally deals with the protection of facilities and important people. The work of the latter is definitely more responsible, and additionally requires a lot of experience, which is worth bearing in mind. What are the duties of the property protection agency in Warsaw? It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, because in this case a lot depends on the place where the security guard works, as well as the nature of the security. Despite everything, most often it is guarding an object against theft or against a potential attack. Some employees care about the safety of the population in many public places. An example would be a security guard in a gallery. Others, on the other hand, make sure that an undesirable guest does not get into a given area. It is worth pointing out that in many cases his duties take the form of guarding, and real protection is very rare.

How to become a bodyguard?

There are usually two ways to become a security guard. The first is participation in specialized courses, which are usually organized by professional security agencies. They last from two weeks to even six months. During this time, we are able to acquire basic knowledge that will enable us to perform this very responsible profession. Another option is post-secondary education, which lasts 3 years. We will gain appropriate experience there, learn about all legal aspects, learn self-defense, and learn how to secure mass events. What are the requirements to become a bodyguard?

As a rule, there are certain requirements as to what persons can work as a security guard. Unless it is a small company that is able to employ anyone who applies, the requirements will appear in each case. If the security agency Warsaw wants to have professional employees with a license, each of them should have a number of features. First of all, proper health and above-average physical fitness are important. It will not happen without the ability to remain calm in crisis situations, as well as the ability to quickly analyze the situation. Often the bodyguard is forced to make an immediate decision, which has a number of consequences. How to choose a security company?

When choosing a security agency, it is worth considering the size of the company employed. In the case of large agencies, we can count on high quality of services. As a rule, they have appropriate technical facilities and qualified employees. In addition, we can count on a wider range of services offered to us. However, it is worth remembering that a smaller security company in Warsaw does not have to be of worse quality. In most cases, it simply has fewer services to offer. Although the cost of rent is often higher, the small number of customers means that small companies are able to appear on site in a short time.

How much can a security guard cost us?

Each of the security companies offers the possibility of renting security. How much will it cost us to use this type of service? The answer to this question is not unequivocal, because a lot depends on the location of a given company, as well as on the specificity of the work performed. Based on the analysis of statistical data, it can be concluded that the highest costs are generated in the case of protection of mass events. We will pay the least for an employee who does not own a gun. The price for 1 employee in the case of protection of mass events oscillates between PLN 40 and PLN 60 per hour. It looks completely different in the case of property protection – the price per hour will be about PLN 30. If you want to hire an employee with a weapon, you have to take into account the costs from PLN 30 to even PLN 50.

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