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Nowadays, a home is for many people the greatest achievement in life and the most important goal. Unfortunately, this fact causes real estate prices to increase drastically. That is why many people cannot afford a traditional brick house. Fortunately, alternatives have been developed that do not force us to get into debt and save money for many years. Wooden houses became a cheaper solution.

They differ significantly from brick buildings, but this is not a disadvantage. Wooden structures offer many new possibilities that facilitate construction formalities and save a lot of money. What makes wooden houses so popular? Will they be suitable as a year-round apartment?

A house made of wood – summer or year-round?

Many people think that wooden houses are only suitable as summer houses, but this is not true. New technologies make wood an ideal material also as a basis for year-round buildings. It allows the free flow of air through the walls, thanks to which the house breathes, but it does not make it cold inside – quite the contrary. Wooden houses are characterized by high passivity and are very economical to maintain. This is one of the reasons why they are so eagerly bought. However, they often serve as a shelter for people on vacation. They are cheap, so they are suitable as summer houses. Companies involved in the production of such buildings offer many structures not exceeding 35 square meters. Such a small area does not require a building permit.

Many people, choosing wooden houses all year round, decide on 35-square-meter houses. They are fully suitable as a living space for one person or a couple. They usually consist of a small bedroom, a living room with a kitchenette and a bathroom. Very often, the investor decides on a terrace, which in the summer increases the usable area and allows you to relax in the fresh air.

Wooden house – types

Wooden houses are characterized primarily by the speed of construction. There are three types of construction that uses this material. These are:

      • prefabricated houses – buildings that are practically entirely built in the factory. This is the cheapest option, because it does not require a lot of work during construction. Therefore, putting a house on a plot takes from one to several days. It is the best choice for anyone who cares about time and wants to live in their apartment as soon as possible
      • frame houses (Canadian) – these are buildings whose construction is based on a wooden skeleton. Their construction is quite fast, because it takes about four months. Due to the materials used, it is quite a cheap option, which is gradually becoming more and more popular in our country. From year to year, a much larger number of people decide to build a house in the frame technology.
      • log houses – these are wooden houses with the prettiest appearance. They are associated with beautiful mountain huts. It is an ideal option for anyone who appreciates natural beauty. These are buildings that are selected as premises for investment. Inns, inns and hotels are often built in log buildings. Wood gives a cozy atmosphere to such places.

The choice of the method of building a wooden house depends on our preferences. If we want the building to be erected quickly, we should opt for the technology of prefabricated houses, which are assembled in just a few days. If we want the appearance of the house to be similar to the traditional one, you should consider a frame house. However, wooden houses at their best are presented in a log construction.

Wooden houses – advantages 

When it comes to the advantages of wooden houses, there are many. First of all, it is said that the inhabitants of such buildings live much longer and healthier than those who live in brick houses. This is because woodit is air permeable, thanks to which the walls breathe. This prevents the formation of moisture and mold. This has a positive effect on the quality of the air we breathe and, as a result, on our health. What other advantages do wooden houses have? Here are a few of them:

      • Favorable price
      • Construction speed
      • Possibility of owning a small house without a building permit
      • Possibility to build a house on a plot without pouring foundations (instead, the house can be placed on foundation blocks)
      • Energy saving and lower heating bills
      • Environmentally friendly
      • A modular wooden house can be moved to another place or plot at any time

Wooden houses are a good choice for anyone who dreams of their own property and cannot afford a brick house. However, it is not just a cheaper replacement for an expensive building. Wooden houses are a friendly place for human health. In addition, thanks to the latest technology, they are passive houses, which saves a lot of money on heating bills. These features make wooden houses more and more popular.



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