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Co to jest lewoskrętna witamina C?

Vitamin C is one of the most popular vitamins bought in the pharmacy. No wonder, because it plays a very important role in the proper functioning of our body. For this reason, many people supplement it. Unfortunately, we are not always able to provide ourselves with enough of it with food. There has been a lot of talk lately about left-handed vitamin C. So a lot of people are wondering what is left-handed vitamin C. As it turns out, however, the answer to this question is not particularly complicated.

Does left-handed vitamin C even exist?

As already mentioned in the introduction, many people wonder what is left-handed vitamin C. As it turns out, however, such a thing as left-handed vitamin C does not really exist. But where could the belief otherwise come from? Well, vitamin C has the so-called L configuration. So some people might think that it is left-handed. It even turns out that vitamin C can be described as dextrorotatory. Why? First of all, because vitamin C turns polarized light to the right. So if we meet the term “left-handed vitamin C”, we are most likely dealing with a mistake. It most often results from a misunderstanding, not from a conscious desire to mislead the consumer. However, it is worth looking carefully at the supplements we buy. The best solution will be to buy vitamin C, which is not described as left-handed. A very good solution may be to buy vitamins in tablets, but also in powder form. In fact, the choice of the form of the supplement should be influenced only by our personal preferences. It should not be forgotten that proper supplementation is the one that always follows the manufacturer’s instructions. If in doubt, however, you can always go to a specialist doctor or pharmacist.  Contrary to appearances, vitamin C can be dangerous for the body if used in the wrong way. Combining vitamin C with high doses of paracetamol can be especially dangerous.

Why do we need vitamin C?

As already indicated above, it is not worth thinking about what is left-handed vitamin C. It would be much better to acquire knowledge about why this vitamin is so important for our body. As it turns out, vitamin C is famous for its body-strengthening properties. For this reason, it turns out to be extremely useful in the fight for the body’s immunity. By providing yourself with large amounts of vitamin C, you will be able to enjoy much less frequent infections. This includes seasonal infections, such as the famous cold. In addition, vitamin C is essential for the health of our teeth and, of course, gums. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to bleeding, which often turns out to be dangerous. Don’t forget that vitamin C has a brightening effect. Thanks to it, we can lighten discolorations that appear very often on the skin of the face. Importantly, vitamin C is characterized by strengthening properties. For this reason, vitamin C is extremely important for people who want to strengthen the fragile walls of blood vessels. Owners of shallowly vascularized skin should undoubtedly pay attention to vitamin C supplements.

What is the source of vitamin C?

It would seem that a very rich source of vitamin C is lemon. However, as it turns out, lemon does not contain the most vitamin C. Still, lemon and other citrus fruits are noteworthy when it comes to richness in this important vitamin. However, it is definitely better to reach for acerola or paprika. Huge amounts of beneficial vitamin C are also found in rose hips. Fortunately, most of us have access to these fruits. There is no doubt that vitamin C is also found in parsley leaves. Unfortunately, we are not always able to provide ourselves with vitamin C with food. Very often we suffer from deficiencies, and then supplementation becomes necessary. If we are not sure whether we are suffering from a deficiency, we have no choice but to check it. It can be done in a very simple and generally painless way. It will be enough to take blood for testing. What supplement to choose if it turns out that we do not have enough vitamin C in the body? Well, there are quite a few solutions. Most people, however, decide to buy the already mentioned tablets or dissolving powder. It would be very good to opt for tablets, if this form is convenient for us. However, many people do not take pills for various reasons. Then a much better solution will be vitamin C in the form of powder. You can opt for flavored options, which is quite a good solution for children. To be able to enjoy the positive effects of vitamin C on our body, you should remember about regularity.

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