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Life is perverse and although we would like it to be otherwise, we often have to use the services of a lawyer during it – whether in situations where we get into trouble or when we assert our rights before the authorities closely related to it. Regardless of our main goal, we should always rely on the services of the most competent and knowledgeable person on the subject to which our case is related. but where to look for it and what is the indicator of this competence?

Characteristics of an ideal lawyer

An advocate is considered a person of public trust– for good reason. We often entrust him with a matter that is very important to us and we trust him implicitly that he will be able to conduct it in such a way that it will be resolved in our favor. That is why we should approach his choice with caution and an appropriate dose of restraint, paying attention to whether the person whose services we want to use has such features as:

  • Ability to listen – from a good lawyer we can confidently expect the ability to listen, but also to draw appropriate conclusions from what he hears. He himself has to build our defense (or attacks) based on the information we give him – so it’s important that he is focused and just skilled at this.
  • Individual approach – this is closely related to the above-mentioned ability to listen and is related to not tying other matters to ours. A good lawyer must focus on our particular case, dissociating himself from other cases he has previously handled, taking into account all the circumstances in which we find ourselves.
  • Loyalty – a good lawyer is also one who stands by us regardless of what is happening in the courtroom. During the hearings, cases are often brought up that we would not expect to be cited, and about which we did not even think to inform our representative. He must skillfully react to this, not showing that he is surprised, and at the same time trying to turn them to our advantage.
  • Discretion – the lawyer must be discreet – he or she is bound by professional secrecy; it is unacceptable for him to share our case with anyone else
  • Experience in the profession – an experienced lawyer is really desirable – the more trials a lawyer has under his belt, the more comfortable he feels in the courtroom; for us, this freedom is very important – because we do not want to be defended (or simply represented) by someone who is intimidated, but rather self-confident and has solid grounds to be so.
  • Ease of communication and eloquence – a good lawyer is one who is not only able to pick out the arguments necessary to conduct our case, but also one who is able to present them in a proper way before the court. It is often said that this method is more important than the arguments themselves – following this thought, let’s pay attention to how the lawyer formulates his opinions and considerations in everyday life. This can tell us a lot about his behavior on the cour.

Where to find a good lawyer?

Nowadays, when the Internet has become a very important part of everyone’s life, it is not difficult to find any services that we are interested in. It is no different with a lawyer – modern law firms must exist online and that’s where we can look for them. However, we should turn to this source of information in the second place. In the first one, it is worth reaching for a recommendation from friends who have had to use this type of service before. Only they are able to recommend a lawyer to us who actually helped them in their case, and at the same time find out whether the above-mentioned features can be attributed to him – so desirable in the case of a person whom we have to trust almost completely. Regardless of where we decide to search, do not make the final decision right away – it is worth making an appointment with a given lawyer for an introduction meeting (it would be good if it cost us nothing), during which we are able to check whether the lawyer will be able to live up to our expectations and represent us in the way we want to be represented.


When looking for a lawyer for ourselves, we must be very careful – especially in terms of the price he offers for his services. Even if this profession is becoming more and more popular, and the competition within it is constantly growing, people practicing it still like to value themselves. There is nothing wrong with that, however – the price for their services should always be adequate to their type. Serious matters, such as murder, are valued differently than those involving a land dispute or inheritance. However, the price is not the only thing we should pay attention to when choosing a lawyer who will represent us – remember that we can (and should) be picky here. After all, we are talking about a person on whom a lot will depend.


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