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Co lepsze ozonowanie czy ultradźwięki

Ozonation of rooms has recently been a very popular method of getting rid of pathogenic pathogens. Nevertheless, the removal of impurities by ultrasound is also very well known. Most of us are not aware of the difference between ultrasound and ozonation. In fact, it is essential. when to choose ozonation and when ultrasound? What is a better solution? we answer.

How does ozonation work?

At the beginning, we should realize how it works and what ozonation is. Ozonation of the apartment or disinfection of offices with ozone are recently used phrases. Ozone has strong biocidal properties, thanks to which it is able to get rid of viruses, fungi and bacteria. Ozone also copes well with allergens or other pathogens. The very method of ozonation is a bit like spraying a mist. Ozone generators spray ozone in the room. It has strong penetrating properties, so it reaches every crevice. It is able to remove impurities even from the most porous structures. You can ozonize things (clothes, furniture or shoes), as well as the air. Ozonation itself is not a completely safe procedure for humans. No one is allowed in the room where ozone is sprayed. Technicians dealing with ozonation are dressed in special overalls and masks. The high concentration of ozone causes that it becomes dangerous for humans. We also have to remove all plants from the room, no animals are allowed in it. Food should be wrapped tightly in stretch foil or taken out. The room, after ozone spraying, must be ventilated for a long time. What’s more, we can’t enter it for 2-3 hours until the ozone turns into pure oxygen. However, if we follow the procedures, ozonation should not hurt us. However, it gives the opportunity to obtain completely sterile air and surfaces.

How does ultrasound work?

It is completely different to clean things with ultrasound. In this case, we are dealing with an ultrasonic cleaner, which is like a chamber. In it, we can put various items that we want to clean. The chamber is filled with water, and the apparatus itself produces ultrasonic waves of very high frequency. They cause effective detachment of various types of dirt from the surface of the cleaned item. Ultrasonic cleaners are used primarily by hairdressing salons, beauty salons and car workshops. The point is to remove even the most difficult dirt from the surface of objects. In addition, many service points must take care of the sterility of the tools used. This is an obligation in accordance with the sanitary regulations. It is important that surfaces washed with an ultrasonic cleaner are not exposed to any damage. This is very important especially in the case of delicate ores, which can also be purified using this method. Let us remember that ultrasound does not clean by itself – we must have the right equipment to be able to take advantage of their properties.

What to choose?

Let’s start with the fact that ozonation and ultrasounds are completely different things. It is difficult to compare these two methods of cleaning and disinfecting items. Let’s remember thatozonation matters wider application. Ozone allows you to disinfect and clean the air. We can’t do it with ultrasound. Yes, some air purifiers work similarly to ultrasound. We even call them ultrasonic. The problem is that they usually don’t clean the air as well as high concentrations of ozone. What’s more, ozone is able to enter even more inaccessible nooks and crannies. Thanks to it, we can clean the air and objects in the room once. Meanwhile, ultrasonics have found application mainly in the cleaning of objects. At first glance, we can see that ultrasound will not clean the air or large objects. However, we do not use them for these purposes. The main application of ultrasound is cleaning, while ozone is used for disinfection. Let’s not forget that. When deciding to ozonize a room, do not count on it being perfectly clean after the operation. Ozonation is not cleaning. Meanwhile, ultrasounds have biocidal properties, but they kill only some viruses or bacteria. We usually use ultrasound in business, although we can also buy an ultrasonic cleaner for our own use. Meanwhile, carrying out ozonation on your own is very dangerous. It is about the harmfulness of ozone. That is why professional service companies deal with ozonation. Ultrasonic cleaning can be carried out at home. It does not require any special skills. What’s more, ultrasound remains safe for the person who cleans objects. To ensure their sterility.


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