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Each of us has recently noticed that the streets of Polish cities are full of Ukrainian citizens. Of course, at first glance, it is difficult to realize that these are people from another country. Most often we recognize it by their language or by a rather specific accent. Where should Ukrainians look for a job in our country? What are the most common positions? How much do they earn? We will learn about all this in the following article.

Ways to look for a job for Ukrainians?

It turns out that work for the Ukrainians there’s a whole lot. It is enough for the citizens of Ukraine to look around. In general, some Ukrainians are already coming with the work they have found. In Ukraine, they have their own state institutions that help to look for offers. In such a situation, a Ukrainian citizen crosses the border and does not have to look for any job at all, because everything is already taken care of. Most often, employers also offer Ukrainian citizens a place of residence. Rather, at the beginning they cannot afford to rent an apartment on their own. The more so that the prices of apartments, as well as their rental, are going up significantly.

However, there is also a large group of people who come to Poland and have absolutely no work done. What then? There are several possibilities in this situation.

The first option is to look for a job on your own. In Poland, there are plenty of job offers both online and in the press. Many people might say that how are they supposed to cope, since most of them do not know the language. The problem is that most employers employ people in their companies who translate all advertisements into Ukrainian. In this way, nothing stands in the way of every citizen of Ukraine being able to find a job on their own. Special meetings or special job fairs are also organized for Ukrainian citizens. During them, employers present their offer, presenting all kinds of available offers. Citizens from the east can therefore freely choose among the jobs that initially interest them.

So what is a better way for Ukrainians? Certainly, a more reliable and less stressful way is to complete all formalities, choose a job and have a permanent place to live. Then the person has nerves saved. You can come and start working right away. Thanks to this, they are able to obtain financial liquidity and do not have any major stagnation. Of course, this is not possible for everyone. However, there are jobs, but everyone will find something interesting for themselves.

The jobs most often occupied by Ukrainians

When we look at job offers for Ukrainians, it immediately catches our eye that work for Ukrainians is mainly physical work. Citizens of Ukraine have this problem that even no matter what schools or universities they graduate from, their certificates in Poland and other European Union countries do not count at all. This is a big problem for them. Sometimes some people are so educated that it doesn’t really do them any good. We must bear this in mind. In connection with the above, in fact, work for Ukrainians is mainly physical work. Many Ukrainians work on construction sites, renovations, warehouses or wholesalers. We can also meet a lot of Ukrainians in shops and restaurants. Many Ukrainian women work in pubs in large tourist towns such as Zakopane, Sopot, Gdańsk, Gdynia or Karpacz. You can also meet many opinions of Poles, that the work of Ukrainians with the client should not take place when they do not know the Polish language. Serving a customer in a language you don’t know is uncomfortable. What’s more, it’s uncomfortable for both sides. Each of us should be aware of this. Nevertheless, such situations do happen. On the other hand, it is an opportunity for Ukrainian citizens to familiarize themselves with the Polish language and learn it. Everyone has an opinion on this.

How much do Ukrainians earn?

We have already said a lot about working for Ukrainians. However, work is work, but the most important thing in it is earnings. Nobody goes to work just for fun. We go to work to earn money. Preferably, it should be specific money. So how much do Ukrainians earn? How are their earnings? Unfortunately, in most cases, Ukrainian citizens earn much less than Poles. In some companies, they are employed illegally and earn well below the national minimum wage. Everyone should therefore be aware of this. Especially employers should finally treat Ukrainians as normal employees, and not as some inferior sort. This is absolutely unacceptable. Let us also bear in mind that nowadays Ukrainians do not want to live in their native country. Therefore, they agree to any terms and conditions just to be able to stay in Poland. Unfortunately, many employers take advantage of this and offer such and no other conditions. Work for Ukrainians should be dignified and, above all, based on a contract.

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