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For many years, wooden construction has been experiencing its second youth. Wooden houses represent the good taste and taste of citizens. Wood is the healthiest, oldest and very human-friendly building material. It is characterized by a completely natural ability to spontaneously influence the air humidity that prevails in the house. Therefore, in wooden houses we meet with a unique atmosphere that will positively affect our well-being and quality of life.

What is worth knowing about wood?

People who decide to build a house often think about the choice of material. On our market, we can meet with a very wide range of materials, which also includes wood. It is worth mentioning that it is an extremely versatile raw material. In addition to the speed of construction, the great advantage is the possibility of carrying out construction also in the winter. Thermal insulation, excellent tightness, fire resistance and durability are what they are characterized by wooden structures.

We must also not forget that wood is characterized by all insulating properties, which is a solid protection of the interior against unwanted cold, completely without increasing heating costs. In addition, during the summer heat, wood will allow us to keep a very pleasant coolness inside, even when we are dealing with considerable heat. What’s more, it allows us to keep warm and cozy in our own home.

Which wood should you choose?

On the market we can meet with a lot of wood and technologies that can be used during construction. The cheapest wooden buildings are made using frame technology. We can also opt for log houses or solid wooden structures. If you don’t like the natural look of logs, you should consider glued timber. Despite this, houses made of logs are very charming and provide us with a beautiful appearance and charm, due to the appropriate exposure of wood both outside and inside the building.


The lightness of wood means that the entire structure of the building, which is created with its use, is also not the heaviest. Therefore, the wooden house is very light, so we do not have to worry about large and thick foundations. This situation means that its size is limited to an absolute minimum, which is why the costs are also really small. We cannot fail to mention the transport costs, which are also much lower than in the case of other materials. It is also worth knowing that the specific construction of wooden buildings makes their extension, modernization or complete reconstruction very easy.

Construction time and assembly of a wooden house

The great advantage of building such a structure is its much shorter time compared to other solutions. If we are dealing with a building that will be erected from scratch, it will take us about 3 to 6 months. In the case of the so-called prefabricated house, i.e. one that we build from ready-made elements, the whole process will take only a few days.

The wooden structure is extremely easy to assemble. All operations are carried out with the use of appropriate fasteners or nails. In the case of brick technology, we have to take into account the work stoppage while specific elements dry, in wooden solutions the situation is quite the opposite. Any wet work that is necessary relates to foundations only.

Possibility of building in winter

We must not forget that wooden buildings can also be erected in winter. This is of course due to the technology that is used to carry out this process. The effect is that wooden structures can be created for 12 months a year. Wooden walls are filled with a special insulating material, and wet works are only related to the foundations. Therefore, all the rest of the work is carried out without water interference.

The cost of heating a wooden structure

We must not forget that wood is a great insulator, which is why it allows us to protect our interior against the cold, without significantly increasing heating costs. Therefore, in the summer we will be able to enjoy a pleasant coolness, even during very hot weather. Therefore, heating costs in winter will be much lower than in the case of brick structures, and the installation of air conditioning will not be necessary.


A construction made of wood is much easier for us to rebuild or expand than a classic brick building. What’s more, the load-bearing capacity of a wooden building makes the work that must be carried out for this purpose much simpler. It is also worth mentioning that thanks to the technology used during construction, we will gain a bit more space inside the house, due to the use of thinner walls than in the case of a brick building. In addition, dividing or connecting specific rooms should not be a problem.

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